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If you are looking for Australia’s KFC Menu online, Then You have come to the correct web. Check here for updated prices of Australia’s KFC Menu items. The prices are taken from the official website of KFC Australia. However, the prices may change at any time that’s why for the updated prices you can visit the KFC Menu Australia website.

About KFC Menu In Australia

Harland Sanders created KFC in Kentucky, United States, in 1930. Just after McDonald’s, it is the second-largest fast-food chain in terms of sales.

Before expanding their business to Australia, they won the confidence and loyalty of many chicken lovers after 38 years in America.

In 1968, KFC exhibited its menu for the first time in Australia in Guildford, Sydney. Clearly, this marked the start of a national takeover.

According to their website (see above), the fast-food business currently serves over 2 million Australians each week through 600+ outlets in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, and other cities.

KFC Menu Australia

KFC Menu With Prices


Combo Meals

KFC Menu Australia

3 pc. Tenders Combo $7.29
Chicken Littles Combo $6.59
4 pc. Chicken Combo $10.69
2 pc. Chicken Combo $7.19
3 pc. Chicken Combo $8.99
3 pc. Chicken Box $10.39


KFC Menu Australia

Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $7.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich $4.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $4.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich Big Box $9.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Big Box $9.49
Chicken Little $2.19


KFC Menu Australia

5 pc. Tenders Box $11.19


KFC Menu Australia

Large Popcorn Nuggets $5.39

Bowls & Pot Pies

KFC Menu Australia

Famous Bowl Meal $7.99
Spicy Famous Bowl Meal $7.99

Family Meals

KFC Menu Australia

8 Tenders Meal $24.99
8 Tenders Bucket $18.49
12 Tenders Bucket $23.99
16 Tenders Bucket $31.49
8 pc. Chicken $18.49
8 pc. Meal $24.99
12 pc. Chicken $23.99
16 pc. Chicken $31.49

Sides & Add Ons

KFC Menu Australia

Secret Recipe Fries $2.89
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy $2.89
Mac & Cheese $2.89
Cole Slaw $2.89
Gravy $2.89
Whole Kernel Corn $2.89
Mashed Potatoes (No Gravy) $2.89
2 Biscuits $2.19
A La Carte Breast $3.79
A La Carte Drum $3.29
A La Carte Thigh $3.29
A La Carte Wing $2.59
A La Carte Tender $2.49
12 Chocolate Chip Cookies $5.49


KFC Menu Australia

Pepsi $2.39
Diet Pepsi $2.39
Mountain Dew $2.39
Sierra Mist $2.39
Bottled Water $2.19
Colonel Lemonade $2.39
Dr. Pepper $2.39
Colonel’s Iced Tea Sweetened $2.39

Note: Please note that KFC Menu Australia Items and prices in your particular state may vary slightly. Prices are provided as a general reference only; please confirm with your local restaurant.

KFC Coupons & Discounts

KFC Menu Australia

Similar to many other large fast-food restaurants, KFC often delivers its devoted consumer’s weekly promotions and discounts. This enables you to make some savings on the KFC menu.

However, KFC favors the conventional approach to marketing, including TV advertisements and social media, as opposed to Chicken Treat, which distributes several discounts via brochures.

In a moment, we’ll be biting our lips since coupons do occasionally arrive in the mail. Simply put, it happened less frequently than previously. The greatest place to buy KFC meals at a discount is online.

You may follow them on Facebook to remain informed about new specials as they happen.
Numerous online communities provide discounts and coupons for a variety of products and services. One illustration is fast food.

Due to popular demand, we are now posting all KFC promotions and discounts. Here at KFC Deals, you can find all the deals.
Their $10 for 24 nuggets offer is well-liked and frequent.

Because of how well-liked this offer was, McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s replicated it. Australians are huge fans of nuggets!

The same can be said about KFC Tuesdays and the cost of movies in Australia. Many people wait until the following week for it to appear since it is so uncommon. Why? to satisfy their KFC itch.

KFC Nutrition & Allergen Information

➡ Nutritional & Allergies: Click Here to Check

KFC Secret Menu

With the advent of its very own hidden menu, KFC is now competing with the storied McDonald’s menu. Since no one could discover it on the app, KFC had to publicly release the menu.

Along with a few other unusual options the menu includes the Kentucky Snack Pack (popcorn chicken with chips) and the Zinger Chipster (Zinger twister with chips). Check out the menu pricing at KFC. To see the full list of secret goods available, scroll down to the KFC price section of the page. Please keep an eye on it as well.

KFC Menu Australia Video Guidance

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KFC Menu Australia

Q. Why does KFC have a limited menu?

➤ Due to safety concerns, several fast food franchises and restaurants provide restricted menus. The bigger the number of food selections, the greater the number of workers required to serve them; consequently, streamlining the menus will allow for safer food service.

Q. What is vegan at KFC Australia?

➤ Wicked Popcorn is the first plant-based food item offered by KFC Australia. The vegetarian snacks contain pea protein and the same caraway seed blend as the chain’s Wicked Wings. You may get Wicked Popcorn in a box a basket, or in a Combo with fries and a beverage.

Q. Are Australians eating less meat?

➤ According to a recent poll, roughly one-third of Australians have eaten less meat during the previous 12 months. Many people have made a peas treaty with their former omnivorous diets and are now turning to legumes for plant protein.

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