KFC Menu Prices South Africa


KFC Menu Prices South Africa 2023

KFC Menu Prices South Africa: There are more KFC restaurants than any other fast food franchise in South Africa. The most well-known fried chicken restaurant in South Africa is KFC.

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

With a menu that includes chicken burgers, fried chicken, and chicken products including poppers, wings, and more, KFC is well-known for its Southern fried chicken.

The KFC menu costs in South Africa are as follows:

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

Menu Item Price (R)

Box Meals

Wrapsta Box With Regular Drink 49.90
Wrapsta Box With Buddy Bottle 54.90
Fully Loaded Box Meal Original 79.90
All Star Lunch Box With Regular Drink 59.90
All Star Lunch Box With Buddy Drink 64.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Regular Drink 49.90
Chicken Lunch Box With Buddy Drink 54.90

Burgers & Twisters

Double Crunch Burger 49.90
Colonel Burger 39.90
Zinger Burger 39.90
Snack Burger 16.90
Crunch Burger 24.90
Wrapsta Twister 26.90
Boxmaster Twister 49.90
Classic Twister 39.90
Sweet Chilli Twister 39.90
Grilled Classic Twister 39.90


Streetwise One with Large Chips 19.90
Streetwise Two with Chips 32.90
Streetwise Three with Chips 45.90
Streetwise Five with Large Chips 81.90
Streetwise One with Mash 19.90
Streetwise Three with Pap 45.90
Streetwise Two with Pap 31.90


1 Piece Chicken 17.90
Zinger Wings 24.90
Dunked Wings 29.90
Chips 9.90
Mash Gravy 10.90
Mini Loaf 6.90
Coleslaw 14.90
Salads 44.90
Green Salads 29.90
Regular Sprinkle Pops 30.90
Pops 38.90


Sparkling Krusher 17.90
Liquifruit 10.90
Soft Drink Buddy Bottle 15.90
Soft Drink 1L 19.90
Soft Drink 2L 26.90
Still Water 500ml 12.90
Cappuccino 19.90
Hot Chocolate 21.90
Espresso 13.90
Five Roses Tea 13.90


Oreo Krusher 26.90
Verry Berry Krusher 26.90
Soft Serve Twirl 5.90
Soft Serve Twirl with Choch 9.90
Chocolate Sundae 17.90
Mixed Berry Sundae 17.90

KFC Breakfast Menu

Brekkie Crunch Wrap 26.90
AM Toasted Chicken & Mayo Meal 44.90
AM Toasted Tomato & Cheese Meal 44.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese Meal 44.90
AM Deluxe Burger 42.90
AM Riser Burger With Snack Patty 24.90
AM Riser Burger With Hash Brown 24.90
AM Mini Twister With Hash Brown 23.90
AM Snacker Burger 14.90
AM Snacker Burger With Snack Patty 19.90
Toasted Chicken Mayo Only 24.90
Toasted Cheese & Tomato Only 24.90
Toasted Egg & Cheese Only 24.90

Family Meals

Family Treat 10 – 10 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 214.90
Family Treat 8 – 8 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 195.90
Family Treat 6 – 6 piece chicken, 2 large chips, 3 sides 172.90
KFC Feast 6 – 6 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravy 109.90
KFC Feast 8 – 8 piece chicken, 3 mini loaves, 2 gravy 134.90

KFC Buckets

9 Piece Chicken Bucket 122.90
15 Piece Chicken Bucket 199.90
21 Piece Chicken Bucket 264.90
4 Dunked Wings 29.90
10 Dunked Wings 64.90
4 Zinger Wings 24.90
10 Zinger Wings 54.90
24 Wings Bucket 129.90

Popular Food On The KFC Menu

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

Since 1971, KFC has been providing South Africans with their amazing fried chicken. Visit your nearby KFC if you want some traditional fried chicken, either on its own or in a burger.

KFC offers a wide range of alternatives to fried chicken for everyone. Boxed meals, burger and twisters, streetwise, sides, beverages, and sweets are available. A variety of larger dinners made to be shared by family and friends are also available.

The Wrapsta Box, Fully Loaded Box Meal Original, Variety Lunch Box, and other meals are available in boxes. Double Crunch Burger, Colonel Burger, Classic Twister, among other burgers and twisters, are available.

You may find meals like the Streetwise Five, Streetwise Three Pap, and many others under the streetwise category. Coleslaw, Mini Loaf, Zinger Wings, and numerous other delectable sides are just a few of the options.

As you can see, there are many options available to South Africans when deciding what to buy from the KFC menu. It will be difficult to not enjoy your lunch.

Some people claim to adore KFC chicken so much that they fake employment in order to receive free chicken for a year! They would be saving a tonne of money, as you can see from the KFC menu prices above!

South Africa KFC Specials

You can benefit from a variety of promotions and offers at KFC. The majority of them are Box Meal specials, KFC restaurant specials, and the most recent fried chicken discounts and promos.

The new Streetwise Mix, which has a lower price, the All-Star Lunch Box, the Chicken Lunch Box, and the Dunked Burger Meal are examples of regular specials.

The majority of the offers are merely full-price discounts. Hence, you receive more food for your money while maintaining the same level of quality.

Every KFC location might provide its own restaurant deals to consumers. It’s just easiest to visit your local KFC and look over the menu to find out what current deals are available.

Therefore, even if you are unable to locate any discounts to reduce the price of KFC’s food, we are confident that you will still find their menu to be very affordable.

KFC Breakfast Menu

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

By providing a distinctive breakfast menu, KFC differentiates itself not only in South Africa but also throughout the rest of the world.

Those on the go can specifically enjoy the KFC breakfast menu. Mornings are difficult. However, getting up early enough to prepare breakfast can be too challenging at times.

KFC steps up in this situation. Also, there are a tonne of delectable selections to choose from, just like the rest of their menu.

The Brekkie Crunch Wrap, Tower Burger, Deluxe Burger with Egg, Double Crunch Burger, and many other products are available on the KFC breakfast menu.

This is another method by which KFC distinguishes itself from other fast-food establishments in South Africa.

Just take a look at the Steers menu. Although most of their locations only open at 9 am, KFC is able to cater to many early birds.

How To Order KFC From South Africa

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

To order KFC from South Africa, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the KFC South Africa website or download the KFC app on your smartphone.

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

  • Select your location and choose the items you would like to order from the menu.

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

  • Add the items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your personal details, including your delivery address and payment information.
  • Review your order to ensure that everything is correct.
  • Submit your order and wait for your KFC to be delivered.

Alternatively, you can also order KFC by calling your local KFC restaurant and placing your order over the phone.

About KFC South Africa

KFC Menu Prices South Africa

In 1930, Harland Sanders founded KFC. KFC was a tiny diner back then, located on the outskirts of North Corbin, Kentucky, along US Highway 25.

His mother passed along the recipe that gave KFC’s chicken to the world. And by 1936, KFC was experiencing tremendous growth. So much so that Sanders was given the honorary title of Kentucky Colonel at the time by the governor of Kentucky.

KFC first arrived in South Africa in 1971 and has since been providing the country with delicious Southern fried chicken for close to 50 years.

To ensure that every diner continues to receive hot, delectable food each and every time, the restaurant maintains the same quality standards in the preparation and cooking of the meal.

In South Africa, KFC is so well-liked that it serves as a hub for local gatherings. Tell us if the image below doesn’t make your heart smile after looking at it.

Talk To Someone At KFC South Africa

Would you like to ask the KFC employees any questions regarding their menu? On one of their social media pages, send them a message:

Nevertheless, as you can tell from their menu, KFC takes delight in the mouthwatering culinary options that are offered in South Africa.

Please leave a message below if you have any additional inquiries about the South African KFC menu prices.

Enjoy your meal!

FAQs About KFC in South Africa

What is KFC special on Tuesday?

Come to KFC on Tuesday and get 5 + 5 for R65! Just R65 for 5 Pieces and 5 Zinger Wings! Avoid missing out.

Does KFC have a 21 piece bucket?

21 succulent pieces of Colonel Sanders’ renowned Original Recipe chicken, seasoned with 11 special herbs and spices. freshly prepared and prepared on-site.

Does KFC have a secret menu?

There are some enjoyable surprises on the KFC secret menu! As you may know, a secret menu consists of foods and recipes that restaurants serve but do not publicly promote.

How do you find KFC secret menu?

Swipe down and hold for approximately 10 seconds after selecting the menu icon (the chicken drumstick) at the bottom of the screen. 3.

After uttering “SSSHHH” and urging you to unlock the secret menu, a red rectangle with an image of Colonel Sanders will fade in. Click on it to do so!

How much is the KFC Gatsby in South Africa?

One taster remarked, “It tastes exactly like getting all the delicious KFC flavours at the same time. Although I’ve never had a Cape Town Gatsby, I’m confident that this version is comparable.

The dinner is absolutely worth the price of R60, and we would definitely return for it.