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If you are seeking the KFC Secret Menu, you may view the updated KFC menu on this page. This page contains screenshots of KFC’s hidden menu acquired from their official websites.

As you may be aware, a secret menu is a collection of products and dishes on a restaurant’s menu that are not disclosed to the general public.

The KFC hidden menu is among my favourites. The international fast food restaurant is most known for its delectable crispy chicken, which millions of people consume daily. However, few people are aware that the secret menu contains some of the chain’s finest meals.

The latest KFC Secret Menu items are listed below.

About KFC Secret Menu

The Kentucky Fried Chicken chain is an international chain of fast food restaurants known for its fried chicken. Established in 1930 by Harland Sanders, KFC has grown to become one of the most ubiquitous fast food chains in the world with locations in more than 150 nations. KFC’s signature blend of herbs and spices is used in the cooking of their fried chicken. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and biscuits are just some of the various options available at KFC.

kfc secret menu

Secret Menu Items Of KFC


KFC Secret Menu

A popular dish in restaurants all around the world is poutine, a traditional Canadian snack.
The french fries are delicious and have been expertly deep-fried till golden brown.

The gravy and cheese curds put on top would counteract the crispiness of the fries.

The Food is an excellent place to find extra KFC fries and gravy if you enjoy it. The gravy and cheese curds on top improve the flavor of the already salty fries.

Poutine is a fantastic choice to consider if you want to eat something light but still want to feel satisfied afterward.

Build-Your-Own Bowl

kfc secret menu

The Build Your Someone else’s Bowl is a secret menu item that lets you mix various additives of thier choice in a bowl.
Layer it with french fries and cover it with fried chicken, cheese, gravy, or mashed potatoes. There are so many options!

You can get imaginative and add almost anything to the bowl to make it your own.

This is an exciting change to the classic chicken bowl. The only bad thing? Only some places have the BYOB option, and you can invariably ask to make changes.

Double Down

kfc secret menu

When I initially learned about this item on the hidden menu, I wasn’t sure what to think. The cheese arrived in two layers, right? Two fried chicken pieces? It was totally unheard of.

It was rumored to be a quite controversial hidden item on the menu. My intrigue peaked, and I ultimately chose to get a Double Bottom at KFC.

The Double Down consists of two chicken patties stacked on top of the bacon, cheese, and sauces without any buns or bread.

If you wanted to train your taste receptors to appreciate the flavor of fried chicken, you had to eat that one.

The Hot Pocket Bowl

kfc secret menu

The name of this item on the KFC secret menu makes it obvious what it is.

Whether you favor hot pockets or not, you will like the Hotdog Bun Bowl since it is amusing and easy to consume.

This meal consists of chicken in gravy, corn, and a lot of cheese that has been melted. This dinner is a celebration in every bite.

Despite having the option to “Build Your Own Bowl,” I often choose the “Hot Pocket Bowl” since it is simple and fills me up.

Triple Down

kfc secret menu

KFC improved upon its Double Down with its Triple Down.

This is a KFC sandwich you must try if you have a huge appetite and don’t mind the extra fat and cholesterol.

Some people claim that nothing delicious tastes healthy and vice versa. The Triple Down is the ideal illustration of this phrase.

Instead of bread, this dish is created with three pieces of deep-fried chicken.

One Quintuple Down will last one user the entire day with the addition of extra fried chicken, cheddar, bacon, and sauces.

Add Mashed Potatoes

kfc secret menu

KFC’s mashed potatoes are the best you’ll ever have.

Instead of ordering them as a side, you may add mashed potatoes to any KFC meal. They would be great atop a grilled cheese.

More of a restaurant hack than a personal item, this is a great way to add depth of taste, texture, and volume to your favorite dishes.

You may upgrade your chicken sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes or add more folks to your Triple Down. At KFC, you may upgrade your meal with a side of mashed vegetables.

In addition to making you feel lighter after eating them, they’re also warm and cuddly. The sauce is also delicious when used as a dipping sauce for takeout fried chicken.

Pizza Double Burger

kfc secret menu

Only a few customers can get their hands on this KFC secret item, but some fans have!

Two freshly cooked KFC chicken patties, pepperoni sauce, salami, and melted cheese make up the Pizza Dual Burger.

KFC pizza? Try it if you can locate it; it’s unquestionably a novel flavor.

Note: Please note that KFC Secret Menu Items and prices in your particular state may vary slightly. Prices are provided as a general reference only; please confirm with your local restaurant.

KFC Breakfast Nutritional Information

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KFC Secret Menu FAQs

Q. How do you use the secret menu at KFC?

➤ How do I find KFC’s secret menu? You must install the KFC app, swipe down on the main menu, and hold for 11 seconds. This will show you all of their secret dishes The hidden menu is then displayed by a moving Colonel Sanders.

Q. What is the purpose of the secret menu?

➤ Secret menus, also known as hidden menus, are foods or dishes that a restaurant may prepare but has chosen to keep a secret to create curiosity and give guests the impression that they are in the know.

Q. What is the importance of menu patterns?

➤ Planning a family’s menu makes it easier to purchase groceries, prepare healthful meals, and decide what to eat. Menu planning benefits to the health of the family as a whole by providing nutritious, nutrient-dense, and better meal options.

Q. What are the most important factors in preparing a menu?

➤ Balance, nutritional value, aesthetics, and variety including food’s color, texture, flavor, shape, and size are among the principles of menu planning. Another crucial factor in menu planning is the equipment and staff used to prepare and serve the food.

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